Testers for him

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More About this Collection

Perfume Empire offers cologne testers so that you can try out different fragrances without breaking the bank. Curious about what makes these testers different? Our testers allow you to get the same original fragrances, but at greater discounted prices. When we buy fragrances in bulk directly from manufacturers and wholesalers, this includes colognes that may not be luxuriously wrapped (i.e. simple packaging, no box, no cap, etc.). Many fragrance companies manufacture testers without excessive decorative packaging so that they can better promote their products. However, the lack of flashy packaging for these discount colognes for men does not take away from their authenticity. All of our testers are unused and undergo the same quality check that we perform for all of our fragrances. If you need further clarification, feel free to contact us or reference our “FAQ” or “About Us” pages.

Our “Testers for Him” collection includes popular designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and more fragrance testers. With our unbeatable prices and 100% authenticity promise, we are confident that you will find colognes that best match your personality.