What Does Ed Hardy Perfume Smell Like?

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Are you looking for a fresh new fragrance this season? Or, perhaps you want a perfect gift for a loved one that you can be sure they will adore? The unique scents of the Ed Hardy fragrance range will delight and excite the senses. Let us walk you through our favorite perfume options of this iconic brand and give you the low down on what the perfume smells like.

All About the Ed Hardy Perfumes Brand

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Ed Hardy perfumes are part of the Christian Audigier brand. The late French entrepreneur teamed up with acclaimed tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy who signed over the master license to much of his artwork. The result was a highly successful range of fashion goods and perfumes adored by celebrities such as Madonna and Kanye West. The collaboration started in 2004 and is still going strong even though designer Christian Audigier sadly passed away in 2015.

The distinctive and edgy tattoo designs on the artwork of the fragrance bottles are highly recognizable. But what does the scent smell like? Read on to find out the truth about the Ed Hardy scent.

Ed Hardy Love & Luck by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy Love and Luck Perfume

The Ed Hardy Love and Luck Eau de Parfum spray for women is designed by accomplished perfumer Adriana Medina-Baez and was launched in 2008 inspired by an oversized Ed Hardy painting of a geisha. The artwork is perfectly suited to a fragrance that was reportedly based on Japanese tastes. It is described as soft and elegant and has notes of forbidden plum as well as cherry blossom.

From the perfume description, you would be expecting "bergamot, blood orange, pink peppercorn, nectarine, jasmine petals, forbidden plum as well as sensual musk, cedar wood, sandalwood and patchouli." But what is the wearing experience of this Ed Hardy Fragrance truly all about? Reviewers describe fizzy citrus top notes of vodka, blood orange and bergamot. A red-pepper and wine combination reminiscent of red sake stop the sweetness of the heart notes from drifting into candy shop territory. But you still detect plum, blackcurrant and nectarine. The fruity floral fragrance persists to the base notes but here it is surprisingly dry with musk, cedar, sandalwood and just a hint of patchouli.

Overall, it is a young and pleasing scent that is easy to wear and has a wide-ranging appeal.

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Perfume

The fruity tones of the Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Christian Audigier Eau de Parfum dominate the fragrance of this bright scent that is highly suited to the super young consumer. It's described by reviewers as fruity and flirty with the floral scents struggling to exert themselves for most users. Overall, it is bold and fearless! It's described as a "blend of apple, mango, strawberry, red grapefruit, freesia, watery muguet, linden blossom, warm amber, musk, tonka beans and vanilla pudding elements."

This in-your-face scent kicks things off with top notes of mango, grapefruit, wild strawberry and apple. Next up are the floral heart notes with freesia petals, lime blossom, and lily-of-the-valley. You are left with a base of lingering amber, vanilla, tonka bean and musk.

Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers Perfume

Next up from the Ed Hardy perfume brand is Hearts and Daggers presented in a long, pink cylindrical glass bottle with packaging designs of skulls, hearts, and roses. It arrived on the market in 2009 and has remained a popular Hardy perfume ever since.

It would be classed as a fruity perfume and is aimed at everyday wear for energetic and self-confident women. As the third female Ed Hardy perfume to be released (after Ed Hardy Woman and Love & Luck) it has been described as a "tantalizing, abstract floral cocktail". It is an enduring hit with lovers of the fruit-centric fragrances.

The top note is dominated by red apple but you may also detect a hint of blood orange and violet leaf in there if you place your nose close to your skin. Floral notes are the order of the day for the heart, although you will still find a lingering sweet mango.

The fragrance on your skin fades nicely to cashmere musk, benzoin, amber and wood tones which are highly popular scents and found in many other fragrances.

Ed Hardy Skulls and Roses

Ed Hardy Skulls and Roses Perfume

Launched in 2012, the Skulls and Roses Ed Hardy fragrance was created by Marypierre Julien and Adriana Medina-Baez. As with many of the Ed Hardy perfumes, it is dominated by a fruity influence. In this Hardy perfume, the dominant fruit is strawberry.

The distinctive skull bottle makes it stand out online or in the department store. Once the fragrance hits your skin you'll get an unmistakable big strawberry scent with a mere suggestion of violet leaf. At the heart of this Ed Hardy perfume, there lies a solid and undiluted honeysuckle that eventually gives way to the base of sweet caramel. Although, some reviewers have detected pear and a woody, musky base as the fragrance matures.

Ed Hardy Born Wild

Developed by the super talented perfumer Calice Becker, this Ed Hardy perfume lingers on your skin and smells good for hours. Ed Hardy Born Wild spray is also available for men and was launched in November 2010. It is presented in a gentle pink bottle with a pirate-style seal and the signature of Ed Hardy.

In the spirit of a lady pirate, the motto for this perfume is “Let this daring fragrance take you on an adventure as impossible to resist as the woman wearing it." Its makers want to conjure up images of warm sunsets on long beaches with tasty cocktails.

An amazing scent of fruity aromas signals the beginning of this perfume's journey on your body. You will find blackberry and black currant bud scents. At its heart, you will find an intoxicating blend of peach blossom, magnolia and lily-of-the-valley. This story evolves into musk and sandalwood so that only an earthy fragrance lingers.

Ed Hardy Love is Do or Die

Released in 2014, Love is Do or Die has a fresh and pleasing scent. It is highlighted by tart and floral tones and sensations with hints of a wilder, animal-like side. It also has a lingering and sensual quality combined with a delicacy that is not immediately apparent.

The opening notes are amazingly fruity, with reviewers sensing apple souffle, raspberry and blackberry. Jasmine, freesia and bergamot dominate the flowery mid range at the heart of the perfume. The lingering musk is vanilla and amber.

This is a fun fragrance that is an easy choice for any season and any occasion. And best of all, it smells like nothing else on the market.

Final Words...

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Before buying a perfume, it's a good idea to try it out. Individual fragrances blend in a unique way with your body and skin chemistry. This affects not only how it smells but also how long it lingers. Don't forget that other factors such as air temperature, humidity and time of year also influence the subtleties of the tones. And everyone's nose detects scents in a slightly different way.

Expert perfume reviewers do a great job of describing a perfume but only you will know how it smells when you are wearing it. If you can't try it, don't worry, it's all part of the adventure and with this range you can be confident that you are getting a light and bright scent that you will soon fall in love with!


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