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Perfume Empire offers the largest selection of designer fragrances without the designer price tag.  Explore our selection of Cerruti fragrance for men and women.  You are sure to find something you love and at a price you love as well.  All of our products are 100% authentic Cerruti fragrances.  Purchase your favorite Cerruti perfume or Cologne at Perfume Empire.

The first Cerruti fragrance was released in 1978, Nino Cerruti cologne for men.  The Cerruti fragrance collection is an important part of the Italian design brand.  A women’s fragrance followed in 1987 and there are 35 scents in the Cerruti fragrance base.

Nino Cerruti cologne for men is a refined, woody scent with notes of juniper, vetiver, lavender, rose, oakmoss, and sandalwood. 1881 Black is perfect for evening wear with a blend of black pepper, bitter orange, marzipan, and precious woods. In January 2009, L'Essence de Cerutti came to the market.  A timeless and masculine scent with a hint of modern leather composition. 

On the women’s side, 1881 Cerruti perfume is a wonderful scent for casual wear.  Released in 1995, it has a sharp flowery fragrance, fresh florals mix with sandalwood and musk.

Perfume Empire is committed to exceptional and prompt service and your satisfaction is guaranteed.   Find your favorite Cerruti fragrance at Perfume Empire.