Perfume Testers for her

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Explore Perfume Empire’s extensive collection of discount fragrances for women. Wondering what makes these testers different from our other fragrances? When Perfume Empire buys directly from manufacturers and wholesalers, some companies refrain from spending extra on these packaging to save costs when they want to better promote their products. We refer to the fragrances in this collection as ‘testers’ since they are not presented in the same way as our fragrances which are packed in retail boxes. All of our fragrance stock are unused, 100% authentic, and undergo the same quality check before the orders are shipped to you. The only difference is that the testers may come in a brown or white color box, with or without the fancy brand cap. If you need further clarification, feel free to contact us using your customer account or reference our “FAQ” or “About Us” pages.

Testers for Her Buying Guide

Our “Testers for Her” collection includes popular designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Cartier, BVLGARI, Versace, Calvin Klein and more. Experiment with different fragrance testers at discounted prices and discover what best suits you.

Perfume Tester FAQ

Why are some perfumes labelled as testers?

Answer: There is a misconception that testers are old and expired batches of fragrances; this is not true. Testers, however, are newly made fragrances available at a discounted price. They are simply the same original item with the same quality liquid. The only difference is that they does not come inside the original fancy retail box and they may or may not have the cap. They may come in white/brown color tester boxes with or without the cap. Authentic tester fragrances sold by Perfume Empire often come with a 100% authenticity guarantee. The advantage or using testers' is that because it's less expensive, you get to try lots more different fragrances because it doesn't cost much money when you're sampling them out.

How do you use and store perfume?

Answer: For use, shake the bottle well. Spray towards your pulse points. Make sure to test it first! It's natural for you to react differently to different smells, so be open minded about it! For storage, keep perfume out of direct sunlight and minimize exposure to heat or cold. The best place may be in a cool closet where there is no air flow. The worst places are above heating vents or behind radiators where they can overheat. To preserve the fragrance better, store bottles inside the dark glass cases that are fitted for them - this will help not allow outside light rays affect how quickly the perfume loses its scent due to exposure to UV rays from bulbs or sunlight).

What is the difference between a retailed boxed item and a tester?

Testers are the same original brand fragrances that you find in full size perfume bottles with incredibly low prices. Fragrance companies manufacture testers to promote their products. Testers may come in a variety sizes and forms of packing - some come with simple marketing packaging with or without a cap, whereas others are ornately wrapped.

If you're purchasing product for yourself, or just don't need the box, testers are a great way for you to get the same amount of quality fragrance at an even deeper discount, while the quality of the perfumes themselves are not affected.

How do you find out if a perfume tester is fake or original?

Answer: All of our inventory at Perfume Empire is guaranteed authentic products which will arrive in new condition . However, if you are looking to find out more here is an extremely good guide to determine fakes vs original types of fragrance. If you are even unsatisfied with your product, reach out to us via email to discuss.

Where to buy cheap perfume testers?

Answer: Right here, in this shop! We've been in the fragrance department for a long time and have developed long-standing partnerships with some of the biggest brand retailers of eau de perfumes and cologne. As such, we pass this saving onto you - the customer. Order with us via email if you have bespoke stock requirements.

Do testers of perfume smell lighter than the packed ones?

Answer: No, there is no difference in the smell between the tester and the packed perfume since they both carry only the genuine perfume or cologne content inside.

Do perfume testers have shorter shelf lives?

Answer: No, testers carries the same shelf life as a packed perfumes. Thanks for reading our guide and join our sale and subscribe to our mailing list to receive sale price notifications and shipping offers.